Friday, August 22

Like Bubbles...

God placed two things on my heart during my solitary quiet time at Holden Beach, NC this past summer. It was only a quick feeling – like thoughts that got downloaded when I took a minute to stop and breathe. It was like the bubbles that float to the top of a glass you have just poured water into. Hitting surface, resting on the top briefly, and then gone with no trace. Two things bubbled up when I quietly, even passively, asked Him, ‘what’s next?
I basically received:

1. Get in shape. Regain your health. Work to put your body back together in a way that is honoring and restorative.

2. Get out of the country and help others. Take humanitarian trips. Make a point to DO, take ACTION. Love on people in real-time. Show up and take on the adventures I push you towards.

He didn’t directly address my singleness or the growing black hole in my heart that whispers I will be alone forever.  He did not address the terrible work environment I struggle through each day at a soul-sucking office.  He didn’t point out anything specifically about my artistic passions. He had nothing at that time for my growing financial fears. Nothing that soothed my anxious mind about the ever-ticking life clock that wakes me up from a deep sleep on countless nights.

But, He DID I DID hear from Him. That is huge!
I am grateful. I am expectant. And, I definitely have work to do.  

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